Thursday, 20 May 2010

So where next

Time keep's passing.

Found out yesterday that one of my friends lost her Dad to Liver Failure.

I work with and around loss every day, I see people break and sometime's it is me who gives them the news, but this is not about me, but that ache, I know that ache. Most of us ache at the best of time's. It has this gravity to it. Like the axis shift's n sometimes it never correct's. We can look through our lives and pick apart the shit we swim through but why. Why ? Why? We all hurt whether we kick our toe, fall out of love or lose something we cherish, We all Hurt and today I hurt for Joanne.

It is close to home. June 4th is the day my Mum died. My life changed & Im sure we have all lost something.

I raise my glass to Joanne & Dave. Wish we were there.


Friday, 7 May 2010


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Hope you likey

Spring ? Winter

Hi ya,

So as usual time is passing. Happy Birthday Andrew. You old Bastard. Bahahah. been working hard of late which sux no end. I have just started my new post @ UCLH ICU. The Uk's biggest Intensive care unit. It is a Crazy Place. Anyway's seems to be Ok.

Looking forward to Scotland. Only 3 weeks now. Then Sonar. The weather here wants to be spring but just cannot push past 12 -13 degrees.

Been to some of the museum's of late. British Museum & back to the Tate Modern. Love both of them Pic's are on my Flickr but will try and post some up here for you.

Hope all is well whatever part of the world you are in

Peace, over and OUT