Tuesday, 7 December 2010

New Track made for an upcoming Remix competition. Let me know what ya think?
Ask Yourself - Plastikman


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

New Top Ten

Distant Shores - Petar Dundov
Lupus Moon(XBD Remix)- Onmutu Mechanicks
Nine Cloud's - Seuil
Scuba - Bender & Sevenson
Kalacharkra - Lucy
Heiko Laux & Steve Rachmad - Politeness Protocol
Frank Martiniq - Golden Dusk
Sleeparchive - Meson
Par Grindvik - Dokuments
Terence Fixmer - Dark Line
Raudive - Xray's

Monday, 11 October 2010

New Mix - October (A long month)


Smooth Distance..

Saturday, 9 October 2010

New Monthly Top Ten..

(No Particular order)

Jichael Mackson - Snake in da System
Milton Bradley - Last Flight to Cologne
Extrawelt - Nevereverdisco Tricks
Pong - Unlightened
Raudive - X-rays
Terence Dixon Room 310
Conform - Grace
William Welt - Urban Chant
Riticox - Lauschgift
Vincent - Contact Research

Plus new Interpol Album ;)

Friday, 10 September 2010

New mix now available on my Soundcloud

Remember new track ;)

Monday, 6 September 2010

A new track for your discretion..

My first ever track so be easy..

Take Control...

Sharks, Eye's and Smoking


Wish me well & Fuck you all ;)

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Ok Here it is People

Demo Mix for Distribution

A time I once Knew



Monday, 26 July 2010


Back from Berlin 35C,

First chance to sit down and rest. Getting home when the sun comes up has become quite a regular occurence, not such a bad thing. Where to from here? as usual nobody know's.

New house mates at the end of the week:) Out.

Saturday, 5 June 2010



This place is gritty, A bit like you feel like someone might kick you in the shins and take your pride whilst running down the street but it has it's place. Beautiful park's, The pub's are like nothing you have seen. The people are not worth describing they are worth meeting!!!!!!!.

Love it. On top of this I am with people I love..

Sonar Next week.

Live it..

Thursday, 20 May 2010

So where next

Time keep's passing.

Found out yesterday that one of my friends lost her Dad to Liver Failure.

I work with and around loss every day, I see people break and sometime's it is me who gives them the news, but this is not about me, but that ache, I know that ache. Most of us ache at the best of time's. It has this gravity to it. Like the axis shift's n sometimes it never correct's. We can look through our lives and pick apart the shit we swim through but why. Why ? Why? We all hurt whether we kick our toe, fall out of love or lose something we cherish, We all Hurt and today I hurt for Joanne.

It is close to home. June 4th is the day my Mum died. My life changed & Im sure we have all lost something.

I raise my glass to Joanne & Dave. Wish we were there.


Friday, 7 May 2010


To see some of my pic's just go to


Hope you likey

Spring ? Winter

Hi ya,

So as usual time is passing. Happy Birthday Andrew. You old Bastard. Bahahah. been working hard of late which sux no end. I have just started my new post @ UCLH ICU. The Uk's biggest Intensive care unit. It is a Crazy Place. Anyway's seems to be Ok.

Looking forward to Scotland. Only 3 weeks now. Then Sonar. The weather here wants to be spring but just cannot push past 12 -13 degrees.

Been to some of the museum's of late. British Museum & back to the Tate Modern. Love both of them Pic's are on my Flickr but will try and post some up here for you.

Hope all is well whatever part of the world you are in

Peace, over and OUT

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I say BOO.

How are you. Just checkin in.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

A week is over

So time is ticking over.

Spring is here well sort of. Still chilly but we been out and about town. Visiting some cool area's of London and some touristy area's yet visited. We are skimp on cash and had to be creative for things to do. So back to Uni lifestyle for us. Just completing a ski trip and a big summer planned we need to save some Mullah.

Saturday was a chocolate Festival

Sunday was Shoreditch & Liverpool St.

Starting @ Nude Espresso (one of the best coffee shop's in London) then trekking thru Up markets to Shoreditch and finishing in Light Bar for a Henriks & Tonic with Cucumber. Seriously good tasting Gin. A complete photo album is on my facebook. Lot's of street art /Food stalls.

In between we have secured a new 2 bed 2 bath Flat. We move on the 25th June. The day after Peter & Maureen Fly home.
Just off the main drag in West Hampstead. Good vicinity to Brioche (tasty cafe for breakfast !!! )

It has been Heavy metal all weekend on the radio as well. A revival?

Thursday, 25 March 2010

My baby, originally uploaded by bradishiding.


, originally uploaded by bradishiding.

Editors 2010

, originally uploaded by bradishiding.

Editors 2010

Time to pass the crutches onto the more febble


so I CAN WALK!!! Even back to the gym tomorrow. in turn means Im back to work next week. UUmm Yeah.

What else to say. Im off to the Natural History museum tomorrow for inspiration for tunes. Seen a brilliant Attenborough documentary on creation / Charles darwin etc going to go scope out some bits and pieces should be good.

Sonar 2010 is rolling around quickly. Barcelona for 4/5 days cannot be bad throw in some of the most cutting edge musik some sun and a shit load of beer. I will be smiling.

Scotland is booked and a done deal. Hayley's parent's arrive 24th May and from that point it is non stop until September. With a trip to Bordeaux and Berlin thrown in between (Hopefully).

I start my new job in a few weeks. It is at University college of London Hospital (UCLH). It is the biggest Intensive care (ITU) in the UK. Massive and very interesting. I have just finished 6 months at the National Uk centre of Neurology and Neuroscience in ITU as well. Then after that I work 6 months at London's Heart Hospital. So after the 24 month contract I am supposed to be a critical care specialist!! Great training and should proved to good for the resume shame the pay is same as a forklift driver.

Hayley starts her new job in 3/4 weeks. She is sexy as usual, which as we know is sexy as hell. Our ten yrs this year. Crazy. Will be spoiling her. Just not sure what yet. Maybe a weekend to Afghanistan or live it up in Essex?

We shall see

Over and out

Monday, 22 March 2010


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Patches and Refills

Hi all,
So a weekend has passed. This cripple popped on down to knightsbridge and visited a science design exhibition @ The UK's Royal college of Arts. Was cool they had a 5th dimensional camera. One snapshot photo presenting the concept of what will happen in your life after that photo was taken, was interesting.

Saturday I nearly commited murder upon murder (real estate agent after real estate agent). Houses / Flats are small and expensive but hey ho soldier on. Sat night leg was paining so we just stayed in / Movie. Actually watched that Zombieland worth seeing not brilliant but damn funny.

Sunday night visited some friends in cricklewood just down the road for dinner. Our ski buddies. I just realized last night that in my whole life in Australia I had never met a jewish person. There is a point here wait for it, but last night most people were jewish or of jewish background. I didn't develop a rash, no anaphylaxis although the talk of israeli dancing was invoking some jerking motions ;) Just joking but in seriousness I have dealt with most religions but for one reason or another through my experiences I have never really been exposed to Jewish culture. For a religious lad like me, loved it especially the chocolate cake. A trip to israel is a must. In good time.

Yep so another week of bullshit facebook & blog entries ahead. I can hear all of you (maybe 3 people) going Woo F%^$ing Hoo. Get over it, I can't walk and I have nothing else to do, so suck it up.

I have finished my tutorials on all my musik programs and have been experimenting nonstop to Hayley's joy. I have made 6 tracks last week that I will be editing and arranging for mastering over the next month which is exciting. Funny enough not my general sound that I would listen to but I am thoroughly enjoying making whatever sound you would call it. I will be making these "sounds"available once I or someone who knows what they are doing masters them. They will be uploaded onto my soundcloud account for listening soon. They then will inturn be introduced to my dj set's as they come along over summer. I will be self promoting my djing over the next 2 months to get some regular gig's over summer. Handing out Sample's and meeting some new folk about town flashing my bits etc. Hopefully with alot of luck people can enjoy my musik and I could make it a regular thing. Alot of luck.

Well the first real estate agent just rang so time for me to take some mind altering medicine and hobble out the door.

Peace out and free your mind

Monday, 15 March 2010


It is a boring day.

Deep heat into my leg/hip and another week ahead before starting back @ work. Hence me writing into my blog cause I am bored shitless ;) Still on crutches don't really think I will be ready for work next week but we shall see physio wed.

The more you read this blog and the more senseless you find it. It is mainly for my family back home I.e Aunites/Nan etc to know what kind of person I am turning into.

Enough of my depression a glass of white wine with my lunch will cure that. This week entails 12hrs of tutorials of computer software I have for musik making. Launching myself into the life of being a musician. I will be revisiting my classical guitar lessons after summer in the mean time, lessons to start in april for my dj'ing and production stuff. So after 6 months of that do the guitar thing mainly for music structure and first album to be released 2012. bahahahahaha. Got to have a hobby.

Some of the shit people get up to these days outright baffles me. The idea of an alternative lifestyle is so promising i.e communal living. Meeting people who listen to pop culture watch hollywood movies talk about X-factor and american Idol induces suicide. I cannot do it. Since we have been in London unfortunately we have met alot of these people. Lovely lovely people but generally boring. Expression is all I am after, some form of it, some breathe or glimpse of life underneath that orange fake tan skin.

I am also tossing up a career in fulltime stand up comedy.


I now weigh 75kg's = Fatass. So today is it. Even though I cannot exercise I am losing weight through sheer will power. Yes I still hate fat people. Like I mean >130kg fat. I don't care how nice their personality is lose weight. I am a nurse if you hurt yourself I am not helping you to the toilet. Nah ah. That shit should be illegal. LOSE WEIGHT.

I am still an atheist. Although our new fav restaurant is Iranian. I am thinking of becoming Islamic just to get a 10% discount cause that shit they serve there is amazing / Cheap. The cardamone tea they have is soooo Good. They serve you a small glass while you wait for your take away. Anyone that comes to London we are taking you there. On that note Hayley and I are tossing up a middle eastern voyage early 2011. Iran / Jordan /Syria, we just need a kidnapper that moves safe houses so we can see some of the country side. Joke we really are thinking of heading over for a visit.

Ok My movie I am waiting for to download is just about done. So I am off for my next task.
So enjoy your day. I hope you find some more interesting things to do than read my blog, but on that note is was nice to catch up

Sunday, 14 March 2010

For your information

I am Not Dead!!

;) Nan seen my photo and had thought I had passed but alas

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Well well,

All I can say is that Hayley is so god damn cute. Got her hair done today and has spent the afternoon checking herself out. Ok back to me. Torn tendons in my right hip. Snowboarding in France & yes it was worth it. I will attach some photo's. French & Italian Alp's just a snippet of some of the stuff we have done in the past 18 months. Yes 18 months time is ticking by.
Life back home I am sure has changed. My Dad is engaged, I "think" 1 of my brothers has been married & the other has moved to paradise (as I hear it). This space is not for me to talk about my family life. 2 things could happen 1 I will commit suicide due the boring Jerry Springer nature my family has blossomed into 2. I would bore you to death. Both options are not going to happen

So why blog. Because I miss you. Whoever you may be. Facebook & myspace are supposed to connect people. All people do is peer into your lives. At one stage I had 240 friends bahahahaha

So from this day forth the blog is where it is going to be @. Photo's / Videos and commentary.